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Thesis Guidance
In order to make your thesis more specific and concise, try to categorize the topics you will be covering in your paper. Consider the following categories when composing your thesis.
Measure of Equality (Categories)
  • Jobs: Hiring; discrimination; income, leadership/management positions
  • Marriage
  • Incidents of violence; arrests
  • Education: diversity in higher education (college); access to resources in traditionally lower socio-economic school districts
  • Politics: leaderships roles
Sample Thesis: Since the 1960s, Native Americans have attained legal equality through the passage of laws against discrimination in hiring, but have yet to acquire social equality in terms of access to higher education and representation in leadership positions in national politics. Class ID and Password
The following is the log-in information (Class ID and Password) for your respective classes on

Period 1: ID (8440586) Password (Bacon)
Period 2: ID (9804504) Password (Bacon)
Period 4: ID (9804510) Password (Bacon)
Period 6: ID (9804511) Password (Bacon)

Don't forget to enroll in your proper class and submit a "dummy/test" assignment.
Spring Research Paper
The Spring Research Paper Folder has been uploaded to the Class Files Section at the bottom of this web page. Here you will find all of the documents regarding the paper, as well as some additional helpful ones. There are also some links to Writing Video Tutorials to the right of the page.

As mentioned in class, the library has been generous enough to compile a Pathfinder to help you in your search for sources. The link is:

How to Update Turn It In accounts:

Please DO NOT PROCRASTINATE and do seek help when you need it!
Imperialism Study Guide
I have provided you with a short, optional study guide for the quiz we will be having on Imperialism on Monday, November 10, 2014. If you lost your copy from class, there is an extra copy available in the Unit 3 Folder in the Class Files section below.
Unit 1 (Industrialization) Notebook Check and Vocabulary
Your first binder check of the year will occur on Monday, September 29,, 2014. Please have your completed Title Page, color-coded Table of Contents, completed calendars, Unit Cover Page (Industrialization), and all your papers from the unit glued in chronological order. DO NOT FORGET: (1) highlight the titles of each assignment using your chosen colors; and (2) include 5 additional pictures throughout the unit WITH CAPTIONS.

Your Unit 1 Vocabulary is also due the day of the notebook check. WORD, DEFINITION, AND PICTURE!

If you have questions about the notebook or what to include in the cover pages, please see me or the notebook directions paper that I distributed and discussed during the first week of school.
Welcome to Ms. Bacon's U.S. History Class Page! Here you will find Class announcements, some class files, and HW assignments updated on a daily basis. I look forward to a wonderful, productive year with all of you! :)
Discussion Topics
 Class Documents
Syllabus, Notebook, Etc.
 Review Unit/Industrialization
All documents for the Review Unit and Industrialization
 Spring Research Paper
All documents for the Spring Research Paper
 Unit 2 Turn of the Century and Progressivism
All documents for Chapter 8-9 Turn of the Century and Progressivism
 Unit 3 America Emerges as a World Power
All documents for Unit 3 Imperialism and WWI (Chapters 10-11)
 Unit 4 The 1920s
All documents for the 1920s
 Unit 5: The Great Depression and The New Deal
All documents for the Great Depression and The New Deal
 Unit 6 World War II
All documents for Chapters 16 and 17
 Unit 7: The Cold War
All documents for the Cold War (Chapter 18-19)
 Unit 8: JFK, LBJ, and Civil Rights
All documents for Unit 8 (Chapters 20-21)
 Unit 9 The Vietnam War
All documents for Chapter 22 and 23
 CPUSH Fall 2014 Final Study Guide.docx
CPUSH Fall Final Exam Study Guide
 U.S. History Spring 2014 Final Study Guide.docx
CPUSH Spring Final Exam Study Guide
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